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We were invited to come over to Jersey to refit the newly refurbished Head office of Standard Charter Bank. The works comprised of a top to bottom modern refurbishment that covered 5 floors and would offer an exciting and interactive environment for all its staff. We were challenged with adding 10 digital signage screen locations which would display live news and current affairs along with anything the bank wanted to promote on show-reels, training videos or ticker-tape information. For this, we chose the best system on the market which is the TRIPLEPLAY platform. Working closely with TP over the years gave us no hesitation in choosing them to help us bring this project to fruition and beyond with their excellent technical prowess in delivery and ongoing 24hr help-desk support for the end user client. 

Once the locations were agreed, we installed our state of the art fibre optic satellite system which delivered all the channels required to the comms room with zero signal loss and ready to be used for the platform. Our engineers worked alongside the banks network experts to bring a highly secure but flexible and intelligent system that would allow the in house staff to manage with a user friendly portal for the day to day and to implement the changes in advertising appetites and tastes for years to come. The Project was a huge success and the three teams involved are now happily deploying the system throughout the group.

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