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About Power On TV

The founder Lee Kjolsen has been in the AV industry since he left school at the tender age of 15. "My first introduction to the world of TV came about quite abruptly in October 1987 when the country sufffered the famous hurricane that caused massive destruction on a scale we'd never seen before. Millions of trees were uprooted, buildings were  damaged and roofs torn off - including all the TV aerials! I worked with a team of engineers who were running from roof to roof, street to street for the ensuing months and quickly realised how important TV is to people's lives and that TV was actually a cornerstone of our society and an important service that is required by all age groups and all demographics. Now at 50 years old there's a lot more to do with technology than back in the 80's but the message stays the same - having everything working perfectly as you POWER ON!  I do believe our team is the best in the business, offering a huge range of services for both residential and commercial environments. With a focus on innovative, personalised solutions, our dedicated team are always striving to exceed expectations". Whether perfecting your home movie setup or optimising conference rooms at work, Power On is ready to place technology into your hands.

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